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New one with Yvonne J & Yours Truly!

01/14/14 03:08:30AM, by Mike-K
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Welcome to Mixposure everyone! Please enjoy the great music here!

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It's Time for Vig's Place show...

04/16/14 12:00:00AM
By: Vig Wig  Tag: MixRadio

Nothin' But the Blues Showcase

04/15/14 12:00:00AM
By: Doug Dickens  Tag: MixRadio

hi fi from the sie fi

04/14/14 12:00:00AM
By: elektronz  Tag: 

Kontakt Library creator for mac

04/14/14 01:15:00AM
By: Abysss  Tag: NEWS

Friend Me-Why Don't YA ! ?

04/13/14 12:00:00AM
By: Michael Stone  Tag: Facebook-Twitter

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04/15/14 02:41:06PM

I'm Feeling Deadly

04/15/14 01:59:55AM

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Jug Jams Cancer Benefit

Jug Jams Cancer Benefit

09/14/14 1pm
Longhorn Saloon

Jug Jams Cancer Benefit

Jug Jams Cancer Benefit

09/14/14 1pm
Longhorn Saloon 121 W....

Thawind Mills @ Landon Winery

Thawind Mills @ Landon Winery

08/30/14 6pm
Landon Winery 101 N...

Thawind Mills @ Quarry Farmers & Ranchers Market

Thawind Mills @ Quarry...

07/27/14 9am
6338 N. New Braunfels...

Thawind Mills & Brian Grace

Thawind Mills & Brian Grace

07/10/14 7pm
Hubbard, TX

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By Admin
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Just Some Updates

Well I hate to be back and forth on stuff but I think I have finally ditched the old forum and went back to the integrated forum. The login issues were just too much. While I hate to lose over 100k posts, I would rather start over than deal with users not being able to access the forum. The old forum is still up and can be accessed by going to http://www.mixposure.com/forum/ . I removed all of the code that linked it to Mixposure so you can reset your password in the forum if you ever want to go in there. 

You will also notice on the main page, I moved the premium blogs out to the forefront. While that does make the main page a bit longer, since you guys are supporting the site I wanted to give you more visability. As a reminder, please remain respectful with what you post. While I know there are many similar sites like Mixposure, I can guarantee you they will not let you advertise Mixposure on their main page. We kind of have the same thinking Laughing. If you want to link to MusiciansFriend I am all for it, Just please refrain from Visit me at thisnewsite.com. I thank you in advance,


By Admin
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Scotswolfe - Mixposure.com Artist of the Month

Scotswolfe - Mixposure.com Artist of the Month

Big congrats to Scotswolfe for being the Mixposure.com Artist of the month! Stop by his page and have a listen!



Scotswolfe being my recording persona,my real name being Jim McMurtrey.I answer to Jim or Mac.

Started picking out one finger melodies on the piano  by ear around age six.Still play by ear as I never seemed to had the patience to learn to read music.Many times I wished that I had forced myself to learn.Maybe someday yet...heh.

Began playing in bar blues/rock bands around Fort Worth in the late sixties.Moved to East Texas in the eighties where I played for several years with country/rock bands.Spent a few years in Oklahoma,then moved back to my hometown and settled here.

Finally I have the time to do what I enjoy most,composing ,creating and recording my music.

I only play keyboards,piano,organ,synths.Started using analog synths in the eighties.Now my studio consists of the bare necessities...a Casio WK-1800 as a standalone keyboard and midi controller,Computer and Mixcraft6,a very affordable and versatile recording program with virtual instruments to expand my virtual orchestra.

Stumbled across Mixposure a month back and now it feels like a second home.Friendly folks and awesome musicians here.I've posted my music on a couple of other sites,but none of them compare to Mixposure,not even close.Plan to be here for a long while .


By Admin
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Mixposure 2013 Music Awards

Mixposure 2013 Music Awards

Congrats to our Winners for the 2013 Mixposure.com Music Awards! We had a tie in the Rock Category also. Below are the Winners! 

Our next phase is having the trophies made so I will keep everyone posted on when those will be completed.

 Bill Abernathy-Willow Creek 5

 The Truevulgardian-Easy Way Out 11 

 Supirima Sangramaya -- Thushan Ushanka 11 


Thanks for being a part of Mixposure.com everyone!!

By Admin
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First Fender Strat

First Fender Strat


(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) — George Gruhn’s guitar shop in Nashville is a kind of mecca for fine, vintage musical instruments, but even Gruhn is blown away by the latest addition to his inventory. He says it’s the very first production model Fender Stratocaster ever made.

You can own it for a cool quarter million dollars.

“This is special,” Gruhn told The Associated Press. “It’s not special as memorabilia because it was owned by anybody special. But it is special because this is effectively like having the right Rembrandt or Van Gogh or Da Vinci. It’s special because of what it is and who did this. Not because of who owned it.”

The sunburst-finish Strat bears the serial number 0100. Although some Strats have lower numbers that begin with 0001, Gruhn says they actually were manufactured later in that first year of production. He says the number-one Strat was sold to an amateur who evidently took good care of it.

“This one didn’t go to a famous performer,” he said. “It actually went to Joe Blow Public. But it stayed in good condition, hardly used. And then, a bit over 30 years ago, Richard Smith, who is a curator today at the museum of the city of Fullerton, Calif., where this guitar was made, bought this guitar.”

Smith purchased the guitar from the original owner. Gruhn said the record-keeping on the guitar is superb because Smith is considered one of the foremost experts on Stratocasters. Smith is selling it on consignment through Gruhn’s Guitars.

The Fender Stratocaster, first produced in 1954, has been described as a guitar that changed the world. When it first arrived, its streamlined, space-age contours seemed strange and perplexing to some. But the kids knew what to do with it. Buddy Holly played one. So did Jimi Hendrix, when he transformed the psychedelic experience into sound a decade later. Bob Dylan chose a Stratocaster for his revolutionary electric set, when he fired a defiant shot at tradition during the 1965 Newport Folk Festival.

And 60 years after it was created, the much copied design of the Stratocaster has hardly changed.

According to Gruhn, Stratocasters are the single most popular, best-selling electric guitars on the planet.

Over the years, a fair number of vintage Strats have sold for $100,000-plus, with some approaching $1 million. Eric Clapton’s “Blackie” sold for $959,500 in 2004 and recently the Stratocaster that Dylan played at Newport sold for a record $965,000.

However, Gruhn says the very first production model Strat is something like a national treasure.

“I consider this to be one of the most important pieces of American, truly iconic industrial design, as well as musical instrument design, that we can find today,” he said. “It’s a piece of art, it’s a piece of industrial design, it’s a piece of musical history. And it’s part of our national heritage.”

He added, “I think it belongs in a museum ultimately. On the other hand, I don’t like to see them put in a museum setting where they will never again be touched without white gloves. Even for the Stradivari quartet at the Library of Congress, it does get played. They don’t play those instruments every day, but they are used for concerts. And this instrument is a wonderful sounding guitar. It plays great.”

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Premium Blogs

By elektronz

hi fi from the sie fi

hi fi from the sie fi

hello all ive not blogged here for a long long time ,,,my medication has blog blocker qualities of an extreme so ive had to ease up on them to break through and vent my spleen ...the fact im not sure about venting an organ thats encased in my inner sanctum really does feel like a good way to start this little tome ....anyhoo im here and just want to say hello to everyone who knows me .....hi ....  :) ... and to those who dont know me but are curious about how i rumble around these dark halls and passageways of mix mansion ... hi .. :) ... before i burst open and sally forth into my otherworldly natterings ...a bit about me ...ok im from a small archepelago of the coast of europe called the uk ...i reside in a small encompassment namely man of chester ...and i am an entity unbeknown to the masses of mix mansion who dabbles in the dark arts called electronica ...oh yes ...an art of such severe darkness it can induce loss of balance and basic imobilisation to such an extent that even as an avid exponent of such ongoings even i have trouble maintaining an x-y stance ....!!!   i dabble mostly on man made machinery of mulitplicital sonicary and texturisationoral output ....(waits .....waits ......waits )    and always vow that i produce and not perform .... in the past ive spoken of utter admiration for the guys and gals on here who simply rock the airwaves of mixland and to be part of that clique is honourable and (slides out of elegant mode for a sec) bloody awesome !!!! (slides back up to elegant chat and conversational confidence) continuing on ....to all the newcomers here ...a warm and hearty welcome from an old timer who has etched out his place in the mix as overtly weird and out on his own ...i do my thing and i do it well ...it maybe not central city or user friendly but its my centralica and my friendly userness .. hmmm ...anyway  this is simply a nod to the masses to say that i nod well and massivley too ...hmmm where am i going with this ..?   what im saying is dont be afraid to branch out from the huned sound of the guitar ,bass and drums that echo throuought these hallowed archways and that door that always bloody squeaks (has nobody sorted it out yet ,,so dam annoying ,and its next to the toilets as well ..scary shit when your taking one and that door goes )  ...i digress ....be brave and bold in your charge to forge a name and character whence you pass through the main gate and take residence in your room of sound and light ...oh can someone get me a spare key for my room ..cant find mine and ive left one of me hard drives switched on ..you know the one that overheats and then splutters then dies ...yeh that one ..and hurry up ive got some samples i need to copy over to the new one ive just bought .....i digress once more ....to end i shall say this only once .....this only once !!!!   

By Duncan J White productions inc Stick It records

We're always looking for companies to license our music.

With the albums in our catalog, we are sure that our tracks would suit TV & film, advertising campaigns, video presentations, play-lists and radio airplay, so if you are in need music for any of your projects then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

By Duncan J White productions inc Stick It records

More promotion needed

More promotion is needed to get our music heard.

By Lyrical Princess
Tag: Site Collaborations

NEW SONG Featuring Pete Tebar

PETE TEBAR & I just finished our Newest song Collaboration Titled "CANT FIND THE WORD'S", And we'd love for you to stop by and check it out. Maybe leave a few words letting us know what you think of it.  Pete put a lot of Heart & time into it. We hope you like it. Thank you so much for listening.

All The Best,

LP, Linda

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Mixstream Radio

Come one come all to Vig's Place and remember it's BYOB  (bring your own bait).  It's time for you vigstermaniacs to howl.

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