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Jim Easton

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Jim Easton
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About Jim Easton

Studio Closed due to fire & health issues.

A Music Professor of classical and jazz studies at the Governor School for the Performing Arts, Bucknell University. Tour and record with the band Third Stream. Recording engineer, Producer and Mastering engineer at Abbeyville Road recording studio.

Member of the Electricians Union, Musicians Union, ASCAP & BMI. Attended: Anderson Conservatory where I studied music composition, arranging and jazz improv. Graduate courses at Rutgers consisted of jazz guitar performance, improvisation and composition under the auspices of Ted Dunbar. Studied with Pat Martino.


 Music Video: Jim Easton, Sally Greenwood, Johnny Bravo




 Jesse Lynn recording Angel at Abbeyville Road


Johnny Bravo recording Secret


Megan working on new material 


Jim Easton 1980



Sally Greenwood Live!


Ashley Lanser  recording Almost Lovers Abbeyville Road


Third Stream 

















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